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"I can't stand doing taxes, and quite honestly I would get lost if I tried to tackle my returns on my own. Jen, believe it or not, seems to love doing this stuff and is always available for questions or concerns. She's very professional and provides reassuring one-on-one attention."
Blake T. Dorfman

"Ms. Hoskinson does a fantastic job with my taxes.  She has shown me ways to save money and is extremely prompt in completing my tax return.  I would highly recommend Ms. Hoskinson to anyone in need of tax return services." 
Bruce Robertson

"As the new year rolls around Jennifer Hoskinson's name is on my mind. She has prepared my taxes for the last 3 years and I wouldn't consider using anyone else. H&R Block used to be my "go to" but not anymore. The service she provides is accurate, timely, knowledgeable, concise, professional and personal. I trust Jennifer to get me the maximum return possible using honorable methods. She's the best!"
Caroline Martin

"I used to spend long, frustrating hours doing my taxes on my own, pulling my hair as I tried to make heads and tails out of what seemed like a chaotic set of mutually contradictory rules.  When Jennifer stepped in, not only did she save me time and nerves, she found deductions that saved me enough to cover her fee and come out ahead!"
Pete Chudykowski

"Every year I file my own taxes. You know the Turbo Tax, Tax Cut,
whatever cd comes in the mail. Load it up on the computer and plug
away. This year after waiting until literally the last week, I finally
gave in to my wife and we decided to let someone else figure it out
this time. BEST DECISION we've ever made!

Jennifer is amazing!! Hands down. We made an appointment, showed up on
time and she was waiting and ready to roll. She advised us on all the
proper paperwork and receipts to bring along and had us out of her
office with nearly double our annual refund in less than an hour.

Every question we asked she had a knowledge answer for and it was
obvious she knows her stuff. She found deductions I had missed for
years and she laid out a plan for us to keep track for the year ahead.

It may be her first year in business, but at this rate and with this
level of customer service she'll be doing our taxes for many years to
Justin Broglio

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